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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

*GASP* Bray Cary is right for once

I am usually not a fan of Bray Cary's opinions. I often consider his political views to be a brand of country club conservatism that is out of touch with the needs of America and the hearts of West Virginians. I find his approach to news to be pandering (I don't need help from a news station for "protecting my family," I've got a t-ball bat for that), simplistic (every time I hear "Live & Local" I throw up in my mouth a little bit), and born primarily out of his expertise in marketing (a field in which I must admit he is quite brilliant, i.e. his consolidation of Nascar TV rights that was worth billions).

Now that I've said that to someone other than my wife (who was quite tired of my rant, I'm sure), I do have to comment on his take on the whole Pink Bridge thing.

He is correct.

It's almost like if the people of Huntington get worked up over this issue that, in the great scheme of things, doesn't amount to a hill of beans, we won't have to deal with the real shit that is facing the city.

If we could only take this energy being generated on both sides of the debate, maybe we could get something done.

Bravo, Mr. Cary (for once anyway).

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