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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My arbitrary ranking of the presidents

Here is my crack at making a pointless ranking of the Presidents of the United States. I am not including any of the Prezzies that served within my memory (Reagan-) so that my rankings will not be colored by my prejudices nor am I including William Henry Harrison or James Garfield, as they served for less than a year before kicking the Oval Bucket.

The Jay-Z's
1) Lincoln
2) FDR
3) Washington
4) Jefferson
5) Polk
6) T. Roosevelt
7) Truman
The Eminems
8) Monroe
9) McKinley
10) Jackson
11) Wilson
12) Eisenhower
13) Cleveland
14) JFK
The Snoop Doggs
15) Madison
16) John Adams
17) Arthur
18) JQ Adams
19) LBJ
20) Hayes
21) Van Buren
The Dr. Dre's
22) Taft
23) Carter
24) Nixon
25) Ford
26) Taylor
27) Coolidge
The MC Hammers
28) B. Harrison
29) Hoover
30) Grant
31) Tyler
32) Fillmore
The Kevin Federlines
33) A Johnson
34) Pierce
35) Buchanan
36) Harding

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