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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

To tan or not to tan?

I recently bought a TV that is capable of receiving digital signals. Basically, I get the same channels as before, but now I also get NBC and CBS in HD and I can now pick up My Z, WSAZ's digital spin-off.

If you've seen programs on My Z yet (highlights: MASH and Cheers reruns), you will note that advertisers aren't exactly beating down the door to get on the channel. During certain hours, it can seem that a program's entire block of commercials can be PSAs and plugs for WSAZ news.

And not just PSAs for the two or three big name causes with the big name celebs. To fill up this much advertising time, you gotta dig deep. Really deep.

Apparently, just about every interest group creates and distributes PSAs to TV stations on all sorts of topics. Last week, one caught my eye in particular for its potential to irritate advertisers: a PSA from some sort of dermatological organization that urged people to not use tanning beds due to their claim that doing so leads to an elevated risk of skin cancer.

Flash forward to this week. One of My Z's marketing ploys is called "My Double Dollar Deals" (anyone familiar with ClearChannel's "Discount Dining Dollars" knows the concept). You buy $50 worth of gift certificates for a given business for $25.

This week's Double Dollar Deal sponsor: Planet Tan.

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