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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Circuit City to employees: "go fuck yourselves"

In a move that stinks of desperation (and general assholedness), Circuit City announced that it is shit-canning (actually "buying out") 3,500 of its highest paid (ie most experienced and most loyal) employees in order to replace them low paid noobs (I will avoid unleashing my admittedly unfair stereotype of teenage retail workers).

CC is graciously going to allow the employees to re-apply for the crappy jobs after a 10 week window.

While I'm sure that Best Buy, Target, and Walmart all have their fair share of rotten eggs in their labor relations closet, I haven't heard of anything this blatantly anti-worker coming from them in a while. Therefore, they get the James family business (for now) and Circuit City can, well, go fuck themselves.

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Blogger jedi jawa said...

While I'm sure they've had an army of lawyers investigate their exposure to liability ... I'm not so sure that this isn't in violation of the ADEA (The Age Discrimination in Employment Act). It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Circuit City has made a boneheaded move with legal consequences. The ADEA doesn't allow class action lawsuits so that may be where they think that they will be okay ... but there is a first time for everything. Yeah, fuck 'em!

Thursday, March 29, 2007  

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