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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on 13.2

It seems that the evolution of WOWK's digital sub-channel 13.2 has continued unabated. The sound is now turned on and the signal acts as a standard definition digital broadcast of WOWK's programming.

While the channel will be kind of pointless during the HD (16x9) prime time shows and sporting events, it will still be a good alternative for shows broadcast in SDTV (4x3) format. For whatever reason, 13.1 (the HD digital feed) is skewed to the right for SD shows, leaving a weird overhang thingie (technical term) on the left.

While it is a good thing to have for now, I would still like to see WVMH add another channel, a la My Z. As of right now, they are basically just broadcasting the same stuff in triplicate, which is kind of boring.

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