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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nosferatu is thinkin' Arby's

When I first saw this graffiti, it was just Nosferatu showing his support for the Green and White, which was pretty cool in and of itself. Now, someone has vandalized the vandalism by adding the Arby's hat from those commercials (I'm thinkin' Arby's).

Check it out near the intersection of 8th Avenue and 10th Street (across from the Amtrak station) before they finish whitewashing over it.

(Note: ...ASAT does not condone vandalism or destruction of property in any way (especially the Zombi guy: we get it, you have a marker...wait, I did think it was funny when that one guy added the letter "G" to where people had put the word "war" on stop signs, thus changing the initial vandal's "stop war" into "stop Gwar.") and is only commenting on the ironic postmodern socio-artistic implications of this artwork. Or something.)

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