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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

13.2 draws the same ratings as American Idol!!!

Well, in the James household anyway.

While my wife is watching another dreadful episode of American Idol, I'm watching the real action on 13.2, WOWK's digital subchannel that is all Doppler radar, all the time.

As I type this post, a MAJOR thunderstorm is slamming into Portsmouth, Ohio and battering Cincinnati with 60 mph winds. It should be in Huntington by 10:00 PM.

While watching the buildup may be a tad dry, I know the payoff will be big in excitement.

That is more than I can say about the Matrix trilogy.

Wednesday update: Well, the wind turned out to be pretty darn strong with trash cans and screen doors being slammed around all over Huntington. Power was out for some time last night after a 30 minute brown out where the lights were half-lit and all appliances either sputtered or shut down.

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