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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

RIP Andy Barker

About a month ago, I gave a knee-jerk positive review to Andy Barker P.I., the new (now former) sitcom starring one of America's funniest (and apparently unluckiest) comedic actors, Andy Richter. Well, it turns out that I was not the only one that grew tired of the sitcom after a pretty funny pilot. NBC officially gave it the axe a couple weeks ago after due to the fact that the show was drawing some of the lowest ratings in network television history.

There are probably lots of factors that can soak up a share of the blame for Barker's demise. NBC seems to have a culture of failure in its entertainment division right now and cannot really catch a break with any programming in between the Today and Tonight Shows. Prime time cable TV is actually of some quality these days and is drawing impressive numbers, as opposed tot he days when cable meant Revenge of the Nerds movies and rasslin'. There is also the tendency of Americans to only want to watch shows that feature pretty-boys from Seattle that either can or cannot sing (my knowing those facts may indicate that I am part of the problem...AHHHHH NOOOOO! OK, back to normal now. Deep breath.).

In yapping about these cultural phenomena, however, one will inherently miss the real reason for the shows failure: it was not a good sitcom. Sure, there were some laughs (the Miss Congeniality 2 action figure will always remain a classic) and the cast was as solid as any in terms of comedic chops. However, is the concept of an accountant-turned-private dick really the kind of concept that would get anyone to watch 22 times a year for 4-9 years? (Hint: "no.")

I can picture myself in the room where Conan O'Brien and his friends were coming up with the show. I bet they were all at their zaniest and everyone was in the floor laughing because, quite frankly, Conan can make anything (Finnish elections, starring contests, coked-up wearwolves, etc.) funny. Hell, I bet the show would have been funny as a recurring segment on Late Night (akin to Pale Force) . But maybe Conan should stick to what he does best: making me piss myself with laughter whenever I'm up past my bedtime.

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Blogger Hoyt said...

Why doesn't NBC simply give Conan some primetime love? Then nobody has to stay up past their bedtimes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007  
Blogger Chris James said...

In 2009 he gets The Tonight Show. I can make it through the monolouge.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007  

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