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Sunday, May 27, 2007

...ASAT trolls the Aughts

More musical fun with YouTube. This time, we check out some of the stuff from the new millennium.

Oasis, "Little by Little" ---By 2002 the white hot (*warning, lame pun ahead*) champagne supernova that was Oasis had cooled a bit and the Gallagher bros. had taken their peerages in the House of Lords of British pop music (with McCartney, Bowie, Queen, and such). It is, therefore, no surprise that "LbL" is borderline forgotten in the states. Personally, any song that is essentially Noel getting to be Noel while Liam has to fuck off for a few minutes is alright in my book.

Weezer, "Beverly Hills" ---In 2005, America was completely obsessed with undeservedly rich white folk from California (Paris Hilton, The O.C., and whatnot). "Beverly Hills" was initially seen as a sarcastic comment on artificial celebrity, although Rivers Cuomo refutes this idea and says that it expresses a sincere admiration for that lifestyle. Either way, the song has some jamtastic instrumentalization and managed to bring back some fun party rock that the world desperately needed at the time.

Daphne & Celeste, "Ooh Stick You" ---OK, let me warn you, straight up, that this song---despite strong efforts by Gwen Stefani ("Hollaback Girl"), Avril Lavigne ("Girlfriend"), Fergie ("London Bridge"), and those fake Russian lesbians---is by far the worst song of the decade thus far. Imagine two snotty teenage girls verbally tormenting another girl that is lower in the social standing of their high school. Now imagine it being poorly sung. Thank god this trend didn't take off.

Manic Street Preachers, "Your Love Alone is not Enough" ---This modern rock track is my favorite song du jour. In addition to having a great rock feel to it, guest vocalist Nina Persson of The Cardigans proves her rock 'n roll chops with a performance that is both powerful and beautiful.

Kanye West, "Jesus Walks" ---West had a lot to prove coming into the world of hip hop due to his upper-middle class upbringing. He, however, managed to prove that hip hop could be booksmart and still authentic. You hafta love a song that riles up folks on both the left and the right and still succeeds as a genuine piece of art.

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Blogger Rick Lee said...

Is that how you spell "aughts"? I've always wondered about that but I never bothered to look it up. I thought perhaps it was actually "naught", but it sounded like "aught" because the words ran together when you said "nineteen-naught-six". Just thinking out loud.

Sunday, May 27, 2007  
Blogger Chris James said...

I thought it was "ought" (I'd always heard "30-aught-six" and thought it was spelled with an "o." Some Googling and some browsing the pages of our web 2.0 brethren at Wikipedia led me to the "aught" spelling.

Sunday, May 27, 2007  
Blogger Jackie Lantern said...

Tom Waits says "ought", as in "Sixteen Shells From a Thirty-Ought Six". He wouldn't lie to me... would he?!!?

Monday, May 28, 2007  

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