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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A cool online radio station to break the mundane.

Yesterday I read about a performance artist in England that was planning to eat a corgi to protest on of Prince Phillip's foxhunts that may or may not have resulted in a fox being beaten with a pole.

Today I read that he had actually gone through with it, live on radio, with the help of Yoko Ono. He ate the pooch in the form of a meatball with apple, onion, and bread. The dog was not killed for the stunt and has died at some sort of breeding kennel.

While I was sorting out my emotions on this form of protest, one thought really struck me: what sort of radio station broadcasts this sort of programming?

Resonance FM 104.4 is the guilty party. It is a community-based "art" station that is operated as a non-profit by the London Musicians Collective (a group that supports experimental music).

The first things that I heard when I logged on to their online feed was several minutes of what sounded like a piece of broken glass being drug along on concrete. Later they played some Afro-Latino records from the '50s and some rather long experimental jams. There are also quite a few postmodernist and/or absurdist (but not absurd) radio plays and serials that are quite heavy on the right brain. Some of it comes off as a bit silly to Americans (as is often the case with the musings of Europe's radical left), but it is usually thoughtful , irreverent, and intelligent.

While this might not prove to be my favorite destination radio station on the net, it did seem to serve a distinct purpose. The music and talk kinda stimulate the vast unused chunks 'o brain and seemed to enhance my problem-solving skills on a particularly tricky assignment. It has, thereby, earned a spot in my "radio" bookmarks folder.

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