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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cutting the DoT some slack.

In my previous post, I was critical about the West Virginia Department of Transportation decision to allow a dead dog to hang out on the edge of WV 10 for a few months. So, in the name of fairness, let me point out something that the DoT is getting right.

They have posted a nifty website that features a clickable map of the state that loads up .pdf versions of all of their official county highway maps free of charge. These are a must-download for all WV road geeks, adventurers, moonshiners, shunpikers, hunters, campers, fishermen, circuit-riding Methodist ministers, photographers, mountain bikers, or anyone that thinks that roads with paint on them are just plain uppity. If you do not have access to a commercial plotter, there is also a link where you can order the maps at a reasonable price from the state.

It sure looks like we have a potential 2007 Appie nominee for "Most Useful WV Website" on our hands.

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