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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Instead of a real post...

...here is a crappy post that is just a bunch of links (special thanks to jedi jawa for inventing this style of post, weblogs, and the Internet itself :P ).

  • The futon critic has you covered for the latest update on TV network cancellations, renewals, and fence-riders.
  • Wrestlecrap has been applying one of my favorite under-apreciated literary genres, alternate history, to one of my favorite pop culture guilty pleasures (pre-2001 pro rasslin').
  • WOUB is a better NPR affiliate than WV Public Radio, and they stream online, too.
  • Local radio favorite Spike Nesmith has a cool podcast at his blog.
  • And finally, Zen Fishermen, arguably Huntington's most popular band for the first half of the decade, have indeed split, but there is one video on youtube of their groov-tastic music. Enjoy.

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Blogger Mona said...


was just checking out WV Public Radio through Technorati, and saw your post...

I was wondering what makes WOUB a better NPR affiliate for you?

-Mona (new to living in WV, and new to working at WV Public Radio)
WV Public Radio is streaming now too (finally!)...http://wvpubcast.org

Wednesday, November 07, 2007  

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