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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Benny's Cheesesteak is now open.

The HD is reporting that Benny's Cheesesteak (check out the link for a menu and some background) has opened its door at Pullman Square.

Hopefully ...ASAT will get a chance to get down there in the next couple of weeks to check it out. When we (ok, I) do, you'll be the first to know my take on their steak.

If anyone beats me down there, let me know how well the joint is doing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

benny's in huntington is terrible, super super small portions for 10 bucks, fries are right out of the grocery store bag, the chicken wrap was the size of an egg roll literally, and it costed 5 bucks, i had to walk across the street and get a hamburger right after

Wednesday, December 19, 2007  
Anonymous Htown304 said...

I would have to disagree...
The food was great. And why the hell do you go to a cheesesteak place for a chicken wrap anyway? I myself had a 12 inch Orinal with cheese whiz, or one whiz wit for the uneducated. I also had some onion rings, which were real batter-dipped onions. So my money was well spent. Oh and yeah, they use real Philly Amorors rolls.

Order a wrap, and chicken at that?! You my freind should not be commenting on Philly Cheesesteaks if you are not willing to eat one.

My advice, go there. It is great. A tatste of the Northeast, right here in southwestern WV!

Saturday, January 12, 2008  

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