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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crappy web round-up

From time to time, instead of a real blog post, ...ASAT dumps some craptastic links in your lap. Enjoy.

Dateline: Seattle---Pray for your favorite Starbucks baristas today. They're gonna be forced to listen to Paul McCartney's new album in a continuous loop all day today. Poor bastards.

Dateline: Washington---A federal appeals panel told the FFC and the Bush administration to "fuck off" regarding a policy where stations could be fined for airing so-called "obscene language." Basically, if Bush and Cheney (the swearingest Presidential battery this side of Harry Truman) can blurt out words like "asshole" and "go fuck yourself" when mics are around, the FCC cannot fine broadcast outlets for "fleeting expletives." Of course the social conservatives are in a tizzy with they're usual routine about families and how they, not me, know what is best for mine.

Personally, I think the feds have had it all backwards all along. They allow "bitch" and "god damn," both of which are much more offensive than the taboo "shit." Meh, this is probably why everyone ('cept me, apparently) has XM and cable TV.

Dateline: London---The organizing committee for the London 2012 Olympics spent $800,000 to create this logo. Meanwhile, a bunch of BBC.co.uk readers photoshopped a bunch of better emblems (#6, a play on the London Underground logo is my fave) in about a half-hour's time.

Dateline: Rostock, Germany---The same re-re's that got my wife teargassed on her way to work a few years back in Seattle are out in full force ahead of the G8 to remind everyone why no one really wants anarchy or a revolution of the proletariat.

Dateline: Chicago---You'd think that a wealthy energy executive could hire a non-shitty divorce lawyer. Instead, his wife hit 'em up style for damn near $200 million.

Dateline: Ottawa---Once again a Canadian team is on the verge of losing the Stanley Cup to an American team from a market where most people could give two shits about hockey. Remember how we felt those two years that Toronto had the World Series trophy? Well, that his how our well-mannered friends to the north have had to deal with for over a decade now.

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