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Friday, June 22, 2007

Digital TV reception in Huntington, WV: June 2007

Here are the analog and digital television stations that I can currently receive using a rather basic set-top VHF-UHF antenna in Huntington, WV as of June 2007:

  • 3-WSAZ (NBC), Analog. The signal is very clear.
  • 3.1-WSAZ (NBC), Digital, High Def when available, essentially rebroadcasts channel 3. Gets almost perfect reception 99% of the time; the only problems are during very bad storms.
  • 3.2-MyZ (My Network TV), Digital, Standard Def. Great reception.
  • 8-WCHS (ABC), Analog. Rather bad signal. Antenna manipulation is usually needed to make the programs watchable.
  • 11-WVAH (FOX), Analog. Same as WCHS in the signal department, but a tad bit worse.
  • 13-WOWK (CBS), Analog. Good reception most of the time.
  • 13.1-WOWK (CBS), Digital, High Def when available, essentially rebroadcasts channel 13. This channel sometimes requires the antenna to be moved around a bit to get the best reception. It has a great picture for HD, but when showing standard definition programs, there is a weird offset with an overhang from the right side of the picture on the left side of the screen. The channel is also prone to skitching out during any sort of cloudy weather event.
  • 13.2-Digital, Standard def live transmission of WOWK's Doppler radar. Also showed some alternative games in SD during March Madness. As with 13.1, sometimes requires some antenna tweaking. since it is just a weather map, however, perfect reception is not exactly necessary.
  • 17-Home Shopping Network, Analog.
  • 33-WPBY (PBS), Analog. Usually has very good to excellent reception.
  • 33.1-WPBY (PBS), Digital, Standard Def. Pretty good signal, but the 33.#s seem more prone than others to completely blank out for no apparent reason.
  • 33.3-Create, Digital, Standard Def, Shows mainly cooking and DIY programs from PBS. Same signal strength as 33.1.
  • 33.4-WBPY HD, comes from a national feed of HD TV format shows. Schedule usually (but not always) differs from main channel. The channel comes in perfectly 67-75% of the time, but it seems more prone to scrambling than the SDTV digital channels from WPBY. Program content is also heavily repeated, as PBS only seems to have a few things to show. That being said, the ability to watch HDTV episodes of Nova, BBQ U, nature documentaries, and Sesame Street is one of the few recent incidences where TV has actually enhanced the quality of life for me and my family.
  • 44.1-WTSF (Daystar) Digital, Standard Def. Christian channel. Is affiliated with channel 61.
  • 61-WTSF (Daystar) Analog Christian channel.
Note: Our analog-only TV in the bedroom can sometimes receive faint-but-tolerable signals on channels 25 (KET), 29 (ion) and 30 (The CW) and can also get a better signal for WVAH.


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