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Friday, June 01, 2007

The economy MUST be doing better.

Having taken exactly one business class since high school, I'm not exactly well-versed in the language used by those that analyze the various indicators of success and failure in an economy. Rather than trying to figure out what my friends from the Lewis College of Business are saying, I've come up with my own personal indicator of how well the economy is doing. Basically, it seems that quality of service at retail outlets and restaurants is inversely related to the overall quality of the economy.

Think about it. A few years ago when the economy was stagnant, you got great service. That guy that measured your foot at the shoe store had a MA and now works at a consulting firm. The girl at the toy store that helped you pick a doll for your friend's newborn in 2002 just graduated from law school.

In 2007 the economy is now doing quite well, despite downturn in the housing market and the gasoline crunch, and service has since languished. Educated folk can now get the middle class-upper class jobs that they spent 4-7 years cramming for in college. Meanwhile, the flex-shift $5-$7/hour have fallen to people that would not have been as readily considered a few years ago. Hell, some of them are even managers now.

In other words, the cost of getting that fat raise and having a booming 401k is getting charged twice for a box of granola bars at the store or getting 3x more mayo on your burger than any human would ever desire.

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