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Thursday, July 19, 2007

...ASAT popular topic round-up

Here is an update on some of the popular (well, regular) topics covered by ...A Sour Apple Tree:

Digital TV: PBS's HD station (simulcast on 9.3, 33.3, and 33.4) has been blowing me away with Simon Schama's Power of Art. At first I was skeptical about some Cambridge guy telling me what I should think about art. Schama, however, does not tell you what to think of the art; he shows you how to think of the art. He provides biographical and historical context to the artist and his work (which is shown repeatedly in full HD glory).

Rejected city slogan: Huntington-"Gary Redux"

Burger King: I tried the BBQ Bacon TenderCrisp with a slice of pepper jack from the fridge. Major upgrayedd. If it is at all convenient, I would recommend sucking it up and doing BK's job for them and adding your own damn cheese.

Jessica Ralston: She is kicking ass in substitution for Penny Moss. WSAZ, you are gonna hafta give her more than the My Z desk to keep her around (related note, wtf is a "WebChannel?"

Road kill: Someone finally picked up that dead dog on Hal Greer Road. Maybe the dog was Zoroastrian...

WV bloggers: Lincoln Walks at Midnight is rapidly becoming one of the only sources of news in WV that matters.

Coke products: Powerade Mountain Blast (the blue one) is the soft drink equivalent to Australian Shiraz: it goes with anything. It stood strong against the flat iron steaks and danced merrily with the mustard dill salmon this week.

Youtube: Click here anytime that you need a dramatic interlude.

Cleveland Browns: Quinn ain't gonna be ready in September. Hopefully Frye will perform like a man auditioning for a backup gig for a better team (which he is) and get some wins before BQ gets thrown to the tigers (well, in this case, Bengals).

Huntington restaurants: Right now local take-away is all about New China Garden's Szechuan chicken. It's two turntables and a microphone.

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