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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The most annoying people who seem to show up on my TV:

Here are the the most annoying TV personalities who I seem to encounter on the dial from time to time Remember, I don't have cable, so no folks from CNN or Fox News will be here (this is good news for Campbell Brown, who just left NBC for Atlanta).

Some I like, some I don't. Some of these folks I generally agree with, while others have opinions differing from my own. One thing they all have in common: they are all prone to making me roll my eyes:

Chris Hansen. This guy is so annoying that he almost makes pervo kiddie diddlers seem sympathetic. Almost. Get back to real journalism, Dateline, like faking gas tank explosions.

Basically everyone in PBS commercials. If I wanted to look at moderately attractive non-actors with MAs, I'd go to my mirror, not my TV. Honorable mention goes to the woman in that Create TV commercial where some "I Think About You" song plays and the woman who's marriage was saved by a crappy PBS HD movie.

Robert Byrd. God bless him and everything that he has done for WV. But his handlers really shouldn't have let him give that speech on dog fighting. Doing so was, well, ".............................BARBARIC!!!!!"

Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Talk about Miss Buzzkill. She is always on NBC sayin' "don't drink pop, don't eat meat, don't use a knife to retrieve stuck toast." Until she tells me that Tudor's May B biscuits prevent colon cancer, I don't wanna hear it.

Any English judge on a reality show. The guy on America's Got Talent and the other lime-juicer on that inventor show kind of make me understand the point that the French have been trying to make for 800 years. Note: I said "English", not "British," 'cause Gordon Ramsay kicks ass.

Chad. Those commercials alone might be the reason why I stick with Sprint (the fat kid) despite their Draconian customer support.

Rick Steves. Why does this wiener get to travel around Europe while I am stuck in Moneyton playing "count the crackwhores?"

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