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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Requiem for a mall

I'm pretty sure that East Hills Mall is/was the oldest indoor shopping mall in the Tri State area. By today's standards, it is itty-bitty, but I imagine it was purty kewl back in the day...

I best remember it being by Ames and Office Depot. Ames went out of business and the Depot moved to Merrits Creek. A Grandview Weekend Outlet (imagine the crap that Gabe's rejects...) held down the fort for a while, but it, too, is gone. I'm not sure if the CVS is gone yet, but it'll probably be gone soon.

The building now awaits remodeling into an office park...

I'm sure that, somewhere in Cabell, Wayne, or Lincoln County, some 50 year-old has a teeny lump in their throat over the passing of their first cultural indicator of a new breed of commercialism.

I'll prolly feel the same way when my kids stick me in the Huntington Mall Nursing Home in 50 years...

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