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Friday, September 07, 2007

...ASAT restaurant review: Steak 'n Shake

"Skyline say it fine he don't consider it cheatin'..."

Yup, to paraphrase the White Stripes, I fell in love with a restaurant that, like Skyline, serves chili on top of spaghetti. This time it is the new Steak 'n Shake near the Huntington Mall exit of I 64.

The chain sort-of mimics the old greasy spoon diners of the '50s, complete with paper hats on the chefs, tasty burgers, chili, and a butt-load of side dishes from which to choose.

My wife and the boy split a Steakburger, fries, and baked beans combo while I had a 5 way chili and a garden salad.

The burger was closer to a McDonald's cheeseburger than a Hardee's Thickburger in size, but it tasted much much better than the smaller burgers from fast food joints. The fries were a lil' too shoe-stringy for my taste, but they were hot and crisp. The baked beans were sweeter than I like, but the missus and the toddler both found them to their liking.

I got the 5 way chili, expecting a Cincinnati style chili. The commonality with Gold Star, Dixie, and Skyline, however, was limited to the whole "ground beef over noodles." This was much more of a chili-con-carne and consisted of "Spaghetti topped with Genuine Chili, extra chili beef, our special sauce, chopped onion, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses." It didn't have the cinnamon-nutmeg taste of the Greco-Arab inspired chilis of Cincy, but still had a sweetness to it that work well with the cheese, onions, and starch (aka the spaghetti).

With good service, a fun atmosphere, and killer food, I found Steak 'n Shake to be a great family restaurant that doesn't break the bank. I hear that they plan on putting more around the area, which is good news to me. Until then, however, I am going to be coming up with a bunch of excuses to go to Bville.

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Blogger All Click said...

I also enjoyed the Steak n' Shake in Bville. Good food came quick and hot and the beans were pretty decent too.

Friday, September 07, 2007  
Anonymous Hoyt said...

Well, your review and the sushi at the Bville Kroger pretty much settles it for me.

Friday, September 07, 2007  
Blogger crystal said...

sounds like dinner tonight! BTW, I love the Kroger sushi too!

Friday, September 07, 2007  
Blogger JDB said...

Oooohh, I didn't know we had one of those in the area! I dined at one in Indiana last summer when I got my butt kicked at a national autocross - but the Steak n Shake was uber tasty!

Friday, September 07, 2007  
Blogger Rebecca Burch said...

That looks like a heart attack on a plate... and I want some!!!!

This new schedule at school is killing me. I have to eat breakfast at 5:30 AM and by 9:30, I'm starving. And you're posting cheesy, gooey, spicy food pics! Gee, thanks, Chris.

*scowls and digs in desk drawer for petrified granola bar to gnaw on*

Monday, September 10, 2007  

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