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Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday NFL notes

Here are my thoughts from NFL week 1 (so far):

  • Cleveland Browns: It is gonna be another long, long, year. Until yesterday, I had never seen a team commit four penalties on one play, but that is exactly how many the Browns had on one punt. there were signs of life from Kellen Winslow, but it takes a helluvah lot more than one tight end to make a team. Frye and Anderson both bit it hardcore, but it is still too early to feed Quinn to the lions. There are a lot of monster Ds coming up and, with piss-poor protection, it would be Tim Couch all over again. I agree with Peter King and the other who say wait until after the bye week. T'ain't like we're gonna make the playoffs this year.
  • Randy Moss & the New England Patriots: It's amazing to see how quick the sports journalist types went back to praising Moss after calling him a washed-up dog during his two years in the wilderness of Jokeland. After going 9 for 183 with a TD against the Jets, some of the TV babblers and paper scribblers are actually saying nice things again about his skill set and his demeanor in the locker room. While it may be a few more games 'til he blows up with those kind of stats again, his presence will act as a decoy that will allow Tom Brady to hit Wes Welker and Dante Stallwort for some big plays. In my 17 or so years as a hardcore NFL fan, I've never seen a team with as much potential as this years Pats to kick the shit out of any and every other team. Basically, the Patriots are Tiger, the Colts are Mickleson, and the field is, well, the field.
  • San Diego Chargers: Sure, they beat the NFC champion Bears. Based on what I saw, however, in the much-hyped three-way race for AFC supremacy, they are definitely team #3.
  • New York Jets: In cheering the Chad Pennington injury, the fans of the Green Slime reminded the rest of the country why New York is a nice place to visit, but...
  • Dallas Cowboys: They sure are looking like a smart pick to win the NFC East and, maybe, win the right to get fed to the AFC champs at XLII.
  • Green Bay Packers: Where the hell did they come from? If this is, indeed, Favre's last season, he just might be ending his career with a playoff run. He'd certainly deserve it. And that young kicker, whathisname? Looking pretty good.
  • Fluctuating weekly Super Bowl pick: Pats over Cowboys

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