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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In lieu of actual television

Since the writers strike has the networks turning to reject shows and reality crap, here are some links to where you can watch some pretty good TV on demand:

NBC - Features recently-aired episodes of some of their shows with some commercial interuptions. The streaming video can get choppy if you are online during the peak hours and have a slower broadband connection. You can also download some episodes to your hard-drive.

CBS - Has a few episodes of almost all of their shows with some commercials.

Fox - Features a few recent episodes of all (I think) of their shows. It has a pretty reliable with an easy-to-use interface.

ABC - Some of ABC's shitty, unwatchable shows are available online, but I haven't checked out the foramt, as I would rather die a thousand deaths than look at any part of Grey's anatomy.

CW - See ABC, 'cept change the joke to "Sophia's bush."

ESPN - ESPN 360 has live coverage of several sports, including NCAA basketball, European soccer, and Latin American baseball. It is only available with some ISPs, although Verizon DSL is one of them.

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