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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

...ASAT grocery store death tournament, round 2

1. Barboursville Kroger vs 9. Barboursville Food Fair
The Food Fair in Bville sets in the shadow of the Kroger, both literally and figuratively. I've always found it odd that two grocery stores essentially share a parking lot, especially when one is about 4x larger than the other. While FF does get a nod for Angus beef and some specialty items, they cannot hang with Kroger in modernity, selection, or price.

4. 5th Ave Kroger vs 5. South Point WalMart
The 5th Ave Kroger could be so much better, but it appears that the folks in at corporate in Cincinnati have written of the city in favor of the suburban Bville location. A crappy wine selection, no butcher, and entirely too much open space all hobble this once-proud store now known mainly for a kick-ass beer section. Meanwhile, the lack of a sales tax on food in Ohio and a a pretty standard WalMart Super Center food selection helps WM win this battle of two under-achievers.

2. Huntington Mall WalMart vs 10. Julian's
What does it take for a small neighborhood grocer to defeat a monolithic mega box store? How about a much more convenient location, a superbad meat and deli dept., and homemade hummus? Yup, that's what it takes.

3. Rt. 60 WalMart vs 6. 1st St. Food Fair
Food Fair is a fun place to shop now and then for some unique items and when you need one or two things for dinner, but the WalMart on 60 is easy to get in and out of and has a great variety of everyday items at below-averages prices.

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Blogger crystal said...

Where the heck is Julians? In almost 40 years I've never heard of it!

Friday, January 25, 2008  

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