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Monday, January 07, 2008

Pre New Hampshire Mo' Check

Dems: 1) Obama 2) Clinton 3) Edwards 4) Richardson
Coming off of his big win in Iowa, Barack Obama has surged to a double-digit lead in New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton and has seemingly taken a lead in the race to the nomination. Don't count HRC out just yet, though, as the real winner will likely be set on Tsunami Tuesday and it seems that most of Obama's support has come from Edwards and the undecideds. Edwards is sinking fast and I really don't see him making it to February 5th unless he pulls off a surprise in South Carolina. Meanwhile, Richardson continues his push towards getting the VP slot unabated.

GOP: 1) McCain 2) Huckabee 3) Romney 4) Giuliani 5) Paul 6) Thompson 7) Hunter
John McCain is looking strong in New Hampshire where GOP voters, like their counterparts in Iowa, have started seeing through Mitt Romney's bologna-thon. Unlike Iowa, though, NH tories are more hawkish and less social in their conservatism and are looking to McCain rather than Huckabee, although Huck has seemed to pass Rudy Giuliani in recent days. Romney is still in the hunt, but he has to do well in NH and South Carolina, or he is likely finished. Giuliani is still biding his time and hoping that strong showings in Florida and the big states on Feb 5 can push him to victory. Ron Paul is hot online but he seems content with using the GOP primaries to build momentum for a run as the Libertarian nominee. Rumor has it that Thompson is this close to dropping out and backing McCain, especially if he flops in SC. At this point, Duncan Hunter seems to only still be around so that he can give a "I'm scared of Mexicans" speech at the convention.

Here's how I see NH panning out:

Dems: 1) Obama 2) Clinton 3) Edwards 4) Richardson
GOP: 1) McCain 2) Romney 3) Huckabee 4) Paul 5) Giuliani 6) Thompson 7) Hunter

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