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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Digital Switch, Now One Year Away

We are officially less than one year away from the February 17, 2009 switchover from analog to digital terrestrial television signals and, as you may know, there is still a fair amount of confusion regarding the process. The FCC and the Department of Commerce seem to be passing responsibility for educating the public about the change back and forth like a passion fruit flavored blunt, so ...A Sour Apple Tree is here to offer up a primer as the big day draws near:

If you have cable or satellite TV:

  • No worries, the switch should not affect you at all.

If you get terrestrial broadcast signals using an antenna and a digital-ready television:

If you have an older, analog TV and you do not subscribe to cable or satellite:

  • Buy a new digital TV
  • Subscribe to cable or satellite TV.
  • Buy a converter box and a UHF antenna. You can go to this website and request a $40 certificate for the purchase of said box.

Other sites to check out:

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