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Monday, April 14, 2008

Video tours of Huntington

I found these videos on YouTube the other day:

The first one comes from YouTube user MrCharlieTuna and covers 4th Ave between 7th St (the court house) and Hal Greer Blvd:

The next video, by Chad Jarrett, is of the south side of 5th Ave from Hal Greer Blvd. to 31st St. near Highlawn and Guyandotte:

Here is a slide show of pics of Huntington from back when we were "Moneyton" because of a booming manufacturing economy and not because of our fondness for crack cocaine:

Finally, here is another one from MrCharlieTuna, this time of Memorial/North Blvd. from 5th St to the playground area by the old glass plant (you can notice the nice walking path on the left of the video) and then on 11th Ave from the Memorial Arch to 8th St. On 11th, you will notice a constant clicking sound. It isn't his camera and his car doesn't need a tune-up. 11th Ave west of 5th St. is just one of the worst roads in the city. It is like the road was made of a mile of leftover ripple strip from an exit on I 64:

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