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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If I Had The Book: The Brain Busters

During their relatively brief run in the WWF, former Horsemen Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were packaged almost exclusively as a tag team, The Brain Busters, and were never given much of a singles push. They had a run as tag team champs, but individual gold and glory was not to be up north. My guess is the VKM & Co. didn't quite realize what they had in these guys and quietly let them go back to Atlanta (Tully would flunk a pee test and never hit the WCW ring again, while Arn would further develop his badass enforcer image).

Well, if I had been the bookerman for the WWF in the late 80s, this is how it'd gone down:

"Like a white night's shelf, or the pro wrestling hall of fame." Hell yeah.

Bonus feature: check out the abs of the two figures and guess which one is now an exec with the WWE who likely oversaw the development of these figures and which one now runs a prison ministry.

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