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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pan Fried Baby Ramps with Bacon

After the back-breaking labor of cleaning 3 pounds of baby ramps, I knew that I would want to cook them all at once and store what I didn't eat for future use. While some folks would toss them in a cauldron of boilin' water, I've always preferred to fry the stinkers. In addition to making them taste better and maintaining their vitamins, the thin coating of grease also acts as a natural preservative and allows for quick reheating in a dry skillet.

First up, I seasoned a fryin' pan with a good pour of bacon grease from the obligatory cup 'o lard from the back of the stove. In the interest of promoting better health among Appalachians and Huntingtonians, I added some extra virgin olive oil to the fat. Remember folks, heart health first.

I then fried the stinkers over medium heat, gently turning them over every few minutes.

When they were golden brown, I served me up a big ol' mess on one of my wife's fancy-pants square plates from Target and surrounded them with thick-cut bacon (never cheap out on bacon when making ramsons, BTW). I seasoned them with just a little bit of sea salt and allowed well-timed bites of bacon to take care of the rest of the saltiness. I then proceeded to shovel 'em down my gullet faster than a county GOP chair trying to serve Rep. Capito a Diet Coke (that said, my ambidextrious toddler beat my time, as he wasn't too shy to use both of his bare hands).

Heck, even my English Setter, Ætheldog the Everskinny, got in on the action.

This is what Appalachian cooking is all about. I give it 5 out of 5 Sid Hatfields shooting rats at the county dump with Randy Moss and Jesco White while listening to Metallica's ....And Justice for All.

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Blogger Buzzardbilly said...

That post was beautiful in so many ways! Love love love the rating system. I thought I spotted a couple of patches of baby ramps this weekend when we were driving to Boone County. This can only mean: Moochies are soon to follow. In this weather a little morning rain with sun behind it and those suckers will be popping out. I live for moochies.

BTW, I found that SmartBalance oil (in Kroger at the regular oil section) is a great sub for my beloved bacon grease in a lot of things. Fried tomatoes are one of them. If it really needs a bacony taste (like a wilted lettuce salad, I'll either go for half grease/half SM or full-on SM with those Hormel real bacon bits. Those are mostly the leanest part of the bacon, ya dig?

Excellent way to bring in Appalachian Spring!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009  

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