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Thursday, July 02, 2009

What's for Lunch: Famous Dave's Leftovers, Part 1

A few days ago, my father was in town and swung by Famous Dave's in Barboursville to pick up some takeout. He got the All-American BBQ Feast, which meant that there was bound to be some leftovers (although not on corn, as they stiffed us on a couple of cobs, but I digress).

The next day, I loaded up my lunch bag with some of the Georgia chopped pork, a roasted chicken breast (with the wing still attached) a some slaw. I took the meat off of the chicken (except for part of the wing) and heated it in the toaster oven with the pork. I then placed the meat on my wife's homemade Amish bread and topped it with some Famous Dave's Rich & Sassy bbq sauce:

I was gonna eat the sandwich with the slaw as a side, but then I remember that I am a West Virginian, so I put the slaw where it belongs, on the sam'mich:

I folded it over and went to town, but I had to eat the last third of the bbq sandwich with a fork, as the stability of the bread had been compromised by the sauce, juices, and slaw dressing.

Good work, Mrs. James and Famous Dave. I give it 4.5 out of 5 coworkers disappointed with their Hot Pockets and bologna sandwiches.

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