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Friday, August 07, 2009

Fast Food Review: McDonald's Angus Third Pounders burgers

Much in the same manner that they are de-justifying Chick-fil-A's existence with the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, McDonald's is now going after Hardee's/ Carl's Jr. and their Thickburgers with the new Angus Third Pounders burger. In doing so, they seem to be trying to get men to be more excited with the demands of toddlers nationwide to "essko Donnals!!!"

The bun is a nice sesame kaiser roll and has some texture to it, unlike the foam-padding buns found on many fast food burgers. It is a nice touch and does a pretty decent job of holding the sandwich together.

The fixin's are rather, if not entirely, pedestrian. In keeping with the McDonald's tradition of being stingy with the bacon, they only give two strips on the Bacon & Cheese. BBQ sauce might be a better touch than a pop-shot of ketchup on the bacon version of the sandwich (I added some barbeque sauce back at the house and it did make for an improvement). The Deluxe had a better showing with a nice piece of fancy lettuce on it. Both versions that I tried did have red onions, which is a plus and the pickle slices weren't as limp and soggy as those usually found on McDonald's grub. Overall, not bad, but not nearly as well-dressed as Wendy's gone-but-not-forgotten Big Bacon Classic.

The burger meat did indeed have a better taste and texture than little 1-2 oz patties on other Mickey D's sandwiches. While I'm partial to the smokiness found at Hardee's or Burger King, some will prefer the clean beef taste of this hamburger. My father, for instance, is happy that he can now get a higher quality fast food burger without the "burnt" flavor.

Will this burger keep me from going to BK or Hardee's when I'm by myself or out with the guys? Probably not. Will it make me less likely to be quietly disapointed when the Mrs. and the boy insist on a 32 consecutive trip to Macca's? Indeed.

I give them 3 out of 5 Wannabe Thickburgers.

My father gives them 4 out of 5 Trips to McDonald's with his Grandson.

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Blogger Blonde Goddess said...

I like the Angus burger with the swiss cheese and mushrooms the best.
Just saying...

Thursday, August 13, 2009  
Blogger Chris James said...

I haven't tried that one yet, although my wife is in full agreement with you.

Monday, August 17, 2009  
Anonymous Flem said...

The more I review fast food blogs, I've come to the conclusion that all McDonald's burgers are basically the same with different names and styles.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011  

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