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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fast Food Review: Burger King's Angry TenderCrisp

Every so often, BK re-releases a sandwich called the Angry Whopper that has an onion & jalapeno kick to it and I've always though "man, that'd be a great TenderCrisp." Well, finally Burger King has introduced (or at least I've noticed that they've introduced, as it very well could have been available before and I just failed to take notice) an Angry TenderCrisp.

When I open the sandwich, I notice tomatoes on there that have to be removed. I love salted tomato slices and cooked tomato sauces, but I'm not to big on fast food grade maters on a sandwich. Bye-bye.

After that unpleasant business is finished, I se lots of "angry" onions (onion petals, it seems) and plenty of jalapeno slices resting on the chicken, a slice of pepper jack cheese, and some bacon, all covered with "angry sauce."

This angry sauce is a spicy, but not too spicy, bbq sauce that has been thinned out with what tastes to be a mild hot sauce. It also has a smokey-sweet kick that goes well with other ingredients, especially the bacon and zesty onions. The sauce is very enjoyable and there could stand to be more on the sam'mich, but the jalapenos bring the heat in lieu of the missing extra squirt of sauce.

In fact, the jalapenos bring so much heat to the sandwich that I'd prefer either fewer peppers of to have the peppers ribbed, seeded, and diced and somehow incorporated into the sauce or the mayonnaise in order to make the heat less cheap and more of a background note.

I like the use of bacon in the sandwich. The TenderCrisp is not too bacon-centric like some other sandwiches at BK and other fast food joints. The flavor of the bacon gives the product a smokey saltiness that works with the smokey sweet heat of the angry sauce.

Overall, this is a pretty good fast food chicken sandwich. If they tone down the peppers it would be good enough for a sit-down restaurant like Chili's. Next time I'll order one without the tomato and pick off about half of the jalapenos.

I give it 4 out of 5 Lewis Blacks

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