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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Updated Huntington Digital TV Reception for May 2010

Thanks to some boosted signals and a re-scan, we can now get some new channels on our digital TV via our antenna.

3.1 WSAZ (NBC)-Perfect HD (high definition) signal
3.2 My Z (MNTV)-Perfect SD (standard definition) signal

8.1 WCHS (ABC)-Weak HD signal that requires some antenna adjustment*

11.1 WVAH (FOX)-Weak HD signal that requires some antenna adjustment**

13.1 WOWK (CBS)-Very good HD signal
13.2 WOWK's Doppler radar-Very good SD signal (sometimes shows alternate games during NCAA Men's Basketball Championship)

30.1 WQCW (CW) Good HD signal*
30.2 WQCW's pointless SD feed of the same programming*

33.1 WPBY (PBS) Pointless-but-very good SD signal
33.2 WV PBS2-Very good SD signal. Shows stuff from the Create network and some alternate PBS programming, often re-runs that you might have missed a night or two ago
33.3 WPBY's Very good HD signal

44.1 WTSF (Daystar) Moderate signal

* indicates channels that my wife found during a recent re-scan and some antenna adjustments
** indicates channel that I found after messing up her antenna placement and trying to cover my ass

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