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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An open note to Wendy's

Please, pretty please, bring back the Carolina burger!!

The toppings of chili, slaw, mustard, and onion were of a high enough quality to make for a solid 3 weenie WV hot dog.

I know, the trend now is to see how much bacon a joint can cram on a burger and, hey, I dig it. I really do.

It is just that every burger joint is doing the bacon thing and it is hard to distinguish who has what.

The Carolina Burger, though, that was special.

Even if you only make it a regional thing between Morgantown and Charlotte, you just gotta bring it back.

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Blogger Badger said...

I totally agree. At first when I was living in NC I thought it weird that they put slaw on most meaty sandwiches (hot dogs, burgers, BBQ), but after trying it I was sold. It's a good regional oddity and nice to see a national chain adding some local flair. And, since 98% of WV'ers have moved to NC, it gives them something to buy when coming back for a church homecoming.
I remember one time hearing a native NC'er talking about how weird it was that he went somewhere and they DIDN'T put slaw on their burgers. I informed him that he was the weird one, but in a good way. Now, the NC livermush they can just keep the heck down there.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010  

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