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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fake Emmy ballot (preview)

Anything but Glee.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Top Ten Beverages of the Moment

1. Pepsi Max. In Ohio but not in Huntington, you buy them by the Cube.

2. Vitaminwater Connect. 100 mg caffeine per bottle!

3. Tap water. WV American doesn't make the best, but it is hot and humid outside and tap water is cheap and refreshing.

4. McDonald's iced caramel coffee. Tastes almost as good as the latte, but you get a shit-ton more for the money.

5. Ale-8 & cherry vanilla ice cream float. Summer in a mug.

6. The milk left over from a bowl of chocolate cereal. 45% better than Nesquick.

7. Nesquick.

8. Celsius. The official beverage of Mario Lopez.

9. Green Apple Tango. How I miss thee.

10. Long John Silvers IceFlow Frozen Lemonade. Half price during "happy hour."

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